Letting go

Have you ever been in a situation where you have been so angry or upset that you are unsure of how to let it go?
As much as we try to be the best we can, there will always come a time when someone offends or hurts you. It’s how we deal with it that matters. You might be thinking it sounds easier than it is.

Well, I’ve just been through one of those moments this week and I handled the situation very badly. I allowed my anger to control my words, which is something I’m not proud of.

Through this experience I realised how words can truly harm a relationship, whether it’s with your partner, child, friend or parent. It may not be about them, but it affects them because how we react alters our mood and behaviour with the ones we love. It is a hard lesson to learn, but life has taught me that it’s good to REALLY FEEL your emotion, deal with it and let it go. Often we harm ourselves more by keeping it in and holding on to the hurt, anger or pain. So feel it, deal with it and let it go.

You are the author of your life, you are the one who writes your story. Are you going to be stuck in the ‘past chapter’ or start the new?

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