Your investment

      • Coaching is an investment you make in yourself to create the life you truly want.
      • Coaching sessions via Skype and email are available nationally and internationally in English.
      • Face to face coaching is only available in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
      • Prices are quoted in US Dollars.

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Please email me for details if you would like to pay in ZAR.


• 4 scheduled 1 hour sessions per month
• Face to face or via Skype
• Unlimited email access
• Includes a free introductory session
• Includes assessment
• Initial 3 month commitment is required
• $330 per month (USD)



• 1 scheduled 1 hour session
• Face to face or via Skype
• Free email support for 10 days after our session
• Includes a free introductory session
• Includes assessment
• $85 (USD)



If you are struggling on your own and would like the support of a group or a few of your friends, this is the option for you. In group coaching, you surround yourself with other people facing similar challenges. You learn new ways to set goals and take action. You gain motivation, brainstorm solutions and celebrate successes from coaching and group support. You benefit from each others experiences and move forward as a team at an affordable rate.

• 4 scheduled 1 hour sessions per month
• Face to face or via Skype
• Unlimited email access
• 3 or more people are required in a group coaching session
• $165 per person per month – You save 50% – normal price $330 (USD)



For those who prefer the written word and the time to ponder exactly what they want to say, and the time to digest what’s been said, this form of coaching is just for you. First, we’ll discuss what you would like to be coached on in the free introductory session. Then I will work with you by email to help you achieve your goals, dreams and desires. The benefits are: you can work at your own pace. You’re never on the spot so you can think things through at your leisure. You can keep your coaching emails for future reference. However, since it is via email and not face to face, it is very easy to misinterpret was is being said, so openness and honesty is very important. There is no judgment. Only your best interests are at heart.

• Unlimited email access per month
• Includes a free introductory session
• Includes assessment
• $95 per month (USD)


If you are considering coaching, you will want meaningful results. A 3 month commitment is required as results take time and we want you to get the best out of your investment.

Payments must please be made in full before coaching begins.

I do not offer a money back guarantee. That is what the free introductory session is for, to see if we are well suited.

I have made a point of not allowing my fees to be a deterrent for anyone who genuinely wants to improve their life. Therefore, I offer a limited number of discounted sessions for those who truly need them. If you cannot afford the standard rates, please contact me for more information regarding the special rate.

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