I think when you first start coaching with Shantal, one of the first things that would come to you is that you will realise very quickly that she has some unique gifts. One of those gifts is how easy it is to be at ease with Shantal and share information about yourself without any hesitancy. She is someone you truly do feel as if you’ve known all your life and becomes a great friend in a very short space of time if not instantly.

Another one of Shantal’s gifts is her creativity, the way she not only thinks outside the box but the way her questions direct you to bring out the creativity in you and for you to also think differently and take different perspectives on challenges, obstacles and barriers you may have. She has a very open and gentle approach that makes you feel at ease and a Coach that truly will bring the very best out of you. Shantal is one of the most compassionate and loving people I have ever known.

To a very gifted friend and Coach, I truly wish Shantal the greatest of success and happiness in her practice and for those of you who are thinking of working with Shantal, you will wish ‘why you didn’t get her help and support earlier’. – Damian Neill


It is with great pleasure that I am writing this, my journey started early last year with the most amazing woman I’ve ever met.

Before starting my sessions, I was not aware of all the feelings I truly had within me, within the first week of working with Shantal I can honestly say that I felt a shift in the way I was thinking, and most of all in the way I felt about certain matters in my life.

Shantal is calm, gentle and has so much patience, which allowed me to really go deeper into what I wanted to achieve.

I’ve grown so much and 2014 was a phenomenal year indeed, I did things I never knew I was capable of doing, and now I am more confident, love myself even more and look forward to the amazing opportunities that lie ahead for me.

I am most grateful to Shantal for opening my heart again to things I love doing most, I am an artist, and with the distractions of life that we allow to consume us, my artistic side was dormant, Shantal showed me ways to still tap into my creative side with ease and now I paint and create something almost everyday…

Thank you Shantal Groer, for reminding me of the beautiful, talented and fun woman I am!
With Love & Light – Shelley Brockman


Shantal is a great life coach. She knows and can keep the balance between being warm and supportive on the one hand, and gently challenging me to find the answers to my questions myself. She is able to gauge the underlying problem or perception in a person with great accuracy and skill, and then offer guidance by means of thoughtful feedback, in the form of questions or remarks. She follows up every communication from me, and when I’ve been a bit quiet, she initiates contact in a non-intrusive manner, thereby keeping the process of change going. To me she has been a lifeline this year, helping me through a very difficult, emotional time. She is totally sincere and a very loving person, always affirming me. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is in need of life coaching skills. – Linde Beer


Shantal Groer has been my life coach for approximately four months. I have found her to be a warm and compassionate person who has been enthusiastic in helping me to reach my goals. She is a good listener and often sends encouraging sms’s and e-mails to help keep me focused. It is evident that she enjoys helping others and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She is also able to use her own struggles and journey to encourage others to view themselves and their potential in a more positive light.

I have enjoyed the time I spent with Shantal and feel that I have benefited from the experience. – Geraldine Mould


Under the careful & friendly guidance of Shantal Groer, through CreArtive healing I have learnt to be true to myself. I have been given tools in order to grow as a person, to really tap into myself and see how I can express myself better in any situation. I have learnt to deal with my fears, that sometimes we are scared, but that we can overcome those fears. I have learnt who is important in my life and who does not belong in my heart. Most importantly, I have learnt to love me & let go the negative experiences in my past. I have always been way too hard on myself, but not anymore. I am the author of my future and this is an ongoing and exciting journey! – Clarissa Murison


I had never expected the life coaching experience to be so helpful. I actually find it invaluable. The accountability that comes with setting goals with your coach is extremely valuable. Life coaching with Shantal is adding immense value to my life.  The following quote by Rachel Naomi Remen reminds me of Shantal:  When you listen generously to people they can hear the truth in themselves, often for the first time. – Erich Beer


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